The Real Liddy James

Everyone who meets her thinks they know Liddy James.

A single mother of two, she is one of New York City’s top lawyers (with ruthless reputation and capsule wardrobe to match) and seems to juggle her complicated life with ease. Her work is all-consuming, her divorce was devastating, her sons are playing up and she’s forgotten what more than five hours sleep a night feels like, but still – here she is – on top of the high wire.

Until she isn’t.

When a series of unexpected events culminate in a catastrophic incident on prime time TV, Liddy realises the act is over. She decides to take some time off with the boys and retrace her family’s history in Ireland. But being marooned in the Celtic countryside is by no means an instant fix, and it is not until Liddy has encountered a stormy neighbour, an unorthodox wedding and a very surprising guest, that she remembers how to be The Real Liddy James.

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“Original, sharp, funny and timely… a spectacular novel from Anne-Marie Casey who understands the high wire act every working mother attempts in the circus of life. A dazzling gem.”

Adriana Trigiani


“Whip-smart and crackling with energy, The Real Liddy James had me stopping nearly every page to read paragraphs out loud to anyone who would listen. A true delight!”

Elin Hilderbrand, author of The Rumour

“Wonderfully funny, brilliantly observed and completely addictive!”

Rosamund Lupton, bestselling author of SISTER


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