The Real Liddy James

Liddy James is forty-four, fit, and fabulous. One of New York’s top divorce attorneys, a bestselling author, and a mother of two, she glides through the courtrooms and salons of the Manhattan elite with ease. Despite a devastating divorce from her first love, literature professor Peter James, Liddy, Peter, and Peter’s sympathetic new partner, Rose, have formed a modern family to raise Liddy and Peter’s truculent teen and Liddy’s adorable, if fatherless, six-year-old. With her lonely and impoverished childhood far behind her, to the outside world Liddy’s life is perfect.

Until it isn’t.

When Rose announces an unexpected pregnancy, Liddy’s beloved nanny takes flight, a high-profile divorce case becomes too personal, and child support and maintenance payments collide with a looming bill for a roof repair, Liddy realizes she might have finally bitten off more than she can chew. Long overdue for time off, she’ll take the boys and head to Ireland to retrace her family’s history. But marooned in the Celtic countryside things are still far from simple, and Liddy will have to take on a stormy neighbor, an unorthodox wedding, and a surprise guest before she’s willing to admit that even she might have forgotten just how to be the real Liddy James.

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“Original, sharp, funny and timely… a spectacular novel from Anne-Marie Casey who understands the high wire act every working mother attempts in the circus of life. A dazzling gem.”

Adriana Trigiani


“Whip-smart and crackling with energy, The Real Liddy James had me stopping nearly every page to read paragraphs out loud to anyone who would listen. A true delight!”

Elin Hilderbrand, author of The Rumour

“Wonderfully funny, brilliantly observed and completely addictive!”

Rosamund Lupton, bestselling author of SISTER


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